Design & Engineering

    We can make toolingdesign with the experienced tooling designers, using the current and mostpreferred software in the  sector. Indesign department the benefit from our side the designer and manufacturer arein-house we move very fast on manufacturing.   


    For the projectmanagement, every product is a project for us, every project has projectmanager and tracing code in the company project manager manages every steps ofproject. 


    We are making manufacturing with very high technology cnc milling machines with large sizes. Our machining experience mostly in large sizes because of  projects we worked in Aviation and other sectors. Machining capacity is from 3 meters to 20 meters length as seen on machine park table. Manufacturing can divided in two side Machining and Welding. We have welding shop with certified welders to work in our projects. Our welding shop is 2500 m2 and we can make different types of welding according to our customer needs.    

Quality & Quality Control

    We are certified by AS9100 , ISO 9001 and work with the Iso standard system. For supporting quality system we are using ERP system in every area of the Company. Making quality check and certifying the products We are using global well known measurement systems, using CMM machines, measurement arms and laser trackers for outside measurement, setup and assembly works. All measurement devices are used with the known and most choice measurement software for reporting.

3 CMM machines

4 Measurment Arms

7 Laser trackers 

Solfware & Template